i-Sprint Innovations, The Top 50 Hottest and Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies

i-Sprint Cybersecurity 500 2016

Singapore, 16 November 2015 – i-Sprint Innovations, the premier Identity, Credential and Access Management Solutions provider was pleased to be recognized in Top 50 rankings on Cybersecurity Ventures’ Q4 2015 edition of the Cybersecurity 500.

The Cybersecurity 500 featured some of the strongest global players in the field of information security. Each quarter, Cybersecurity 500 will review and distinguishes the hottest and most innovative cybersecurity organizations around the world. i-Sprint was on the 76th position in Q1, 75th position in Q2 & Q3 and now shifted up to 50th position in Q4.

The elevation of i-Sprint’s position in Cybersecurity 500 served as a strong endorsement of the organization’s Identity, Credential and Access Management Solutions

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