YESsafe AppProtect+ Video

Product Introduction


YESsafe AppProtect+ detects and protects the mobile app from threats, such as reverse-engineering, tampering, code-injection and more. In an insecure OS environment, apps integrated with YESsafe AppProtect+ have rooted and jailbreak detection mechanisms that allow a mobile app to operate securely without compromising the app’s integrity and confidentiality.

Protecting apps even in the absence of an internet connection or without an updated virus database, AppProtect+ protects mobile apps against static and dynamic attacks (e.g. repackaging, source code modification), and respond by taking necessary measures when real-time attacks are detected during runtime.

Moreover, AppProtect+ is EMVCo SBMP certified. An EMVCo certified app solution ensures that mobile apps can withstand real-time threats and attacks.

Runtime App Self-Protection (RASP)

  • AppProtect+ isolates applications from the runtime environment to proactively scan and protect mobile apps against malicious attacks, allowing apps to run securely even on rooted/ jailbreak devices. E.g. upon detection of the presence of an untrusted screen reader, AppProtect+ blocks the screen reader from receiving data from the protected app.
  • The uniqueness of AppProtect+ lies in the ability to detect risks even in the absence of an internet connection. AppProtect+ can avoid possible risks caused by a desynchronized database.

Core Functions

YESsafe AppProtect+ responds promptly to any risk detected on the client side. Fulfilling app protection, risk detection and respond actions requirements, providing the complete app protection cycle.


All-Round Protection


Code Injection 

  • Prevent hackers from modifying code and changing the course of execution, resulting in data loss or even a complete host takeover

App Repackaging

  •  Prevent repackaging of applications and imposter from publishing repackaged apps in official app stores

Emulators & Debuggers

  • Protect applications from attackers using emulators and debuggers to intercept data before it is encrypted.

Reverse Engineering

  •  Multiple layers of security check to hinder any reverse engineering attempts

Jailbreak/ Rooted Devices 

  • Automated detection of jailbroken and rooted devices, ensuring app is executed the way you configure it to be


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