i-Sprint has constantly develop new products and innovate our products’ features to meet the market needs.

Digital Identity

Our Digital Identity governs the verification of users’ identity and access protection. Enterprises can implement strong authentication, single sign-on, access control, identity management and end-to-end encryption solutions to safeguard asset, data, and transaction.  Digital Identity product offerings include:

Identity of Things/

With strong experience in providing trustful solutions for financial services industry and various security sensitive environments, we have extended our authentication technologies into the identity of things – The Product Identity. By providing a unique identity to each object, it allows enterprises to minimize counterfeiting, track and trace product, and provide business intelligence for better business planning and direct interaction with customers. The product offerings include:

Cloud Services

SecurLogin offers real time Second Factor Authentication (2FA) service on the Cloud to strengthen enterprise user login process; Unified Management platform which can support multiple authentication methods to provide comprehensive identity authentication solution for enterprise information mobilization

Mobile Security

The Mobile Security power the use of any smart mobile device as a trusted device to protect, store, retrieve and process data/ information as well as to authorize transactions