Mobile apps are not always trustworthy and should be treated as such. Today, mobile apps handle sensitive user information such as financial, personal health, and social media data. Authentication is insufficient to ensure full security, and if a rogue app connects, the APIs are prone to abuse, leading to breaches, non-compliance, and loss of user trust.

What is App and API Attestation?

With YESsafe AppProtect+’s App Attestation, you can verify the authenticity and integrity of your mobile apps accessing your APIs in real-time, ensuring that they have not been compromised or tampered with. What’s more, the module also checks the integrity of the mobile devices running your apps.

AppProtect+’s App Attestation is a solution that delivers integrity validation and authenticity of the application. It’s baked into our multi-layered mobile app protection, which provides protection at rest and at runtime. The App Attestation module is i-Sprint’s first solution for at-reach protection — connecting to external APIs and services.

Furthermore, the integration is seamless, requiring minimal code integration, and the attestation data is carried in-band in the apps’existing network communication. The back-end element is designed to be stateless, delivering simple backend maintenance. Your apps can be quickly secured and distributed in minutes through our integration tool.

Why AppProtect+ App Attestation?


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