When organizations deploy enterprise portal solutions, one of the objectives is to provide a common access point for their users to access the applications with a single sign-on capability. However, they always face difficulties in integrating legacy applications into the portal server to achieve the single sign-on the requirement.

Our Universal Sign-On (USO) solution is a non-intrusive security solution for organizations to achieve single sign-on to the web, desktop, java, and host-based applications without the costs and risks of application-level programming. USO has been integrated with most of the leading portal servers to provide a single sign-on capability.

USO provides a portlet based on the JSR 168 specification, which enables the USO solution to tightly integrate with the Portal Server. This allows a user who is logging into the portal desktop to have access to USO application specific functionality after proper validation of the user credential.

This is done via single sign-on between USO and the portal server. When a user launches an application from the portal server, USO will provide the SSO function to sign on the launched application on behalf of the user.

For more information, please visit our USO site.


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