Business driven Role Management and automated Resource Provisioning which enhance Corporate Compliance, Governance and improve Efficiency

AccessMatrix™ Universal Identity Manager (UIM) provides a highly flexible and systematic way to manage employee access to various company IT resources based on a predetermined entitlement policy. The best identity and access management solutions are now built around the business user. While IT still provides control and oversight, the business user needs to have a fast and simple way to implement changing access requirements without the need for numerous help desk calls or IT tickets. The challenge here is to combine backend automation and frontend ease-of-use.

The Main Business Advantages for using AccessMatrix™ UIM are:

Flexible and Ease of Use

The self-service identity console with customizable and automatic form generation reduce the turnaround time for non-critical or routine access request. The flexible Business Process Management and Rule Engine allow users to customise the solution.

Cost Reduction through Self-Service Capability

UIM reduces the Total Cost of Ownership by combining role and account management into a single unified solution. The information in the entitlement policy and
function of the self-service module reduces the amount of resources allocated to managing system access. These extra resources are free up and can redeploy to handle other revenue-generating activities.

Support Access Control Products

As UIM is designed with enterprise integration in mind, it is able to integrate with client’s existing Enterprise Architecture e.g. SOA or ESB via standard web services or JMS. UIM also supports native user integration to MS Active Directory and other LDAP servers.

AccessMatrix™ Universal Identity Manager


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