AccessMatrix Universal Authentication Server (UAS) supports many strong authentication mechanisms such as dynamic passwords, certificates, biometrics, or security tokens, via the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) framework, to address the authentication requirements of the organizations. New authentication methods can be easily integrated into AccessMatrix with the PAM interface.

Depending on the prevailing security policies and economics of the business, there may be a need to deploy other authentication devices. As these security policies will change, depending on internal and external security and regulatory influences, it is therefore important to maintain a flexible and adaptive authentication infrastructure layer that will meet such changing business and regulatory mandates.

The selection of the authentication methods can be done without changing the source code of the application. Benefits of this future proof approach include reduced cost, time to market and minimal effort for customization or “hardcode” of the application. With AccessMatrix UAS, multiple web applications and network devices allow access to a common set of security services via tight integration with the AccessMatrix security server.

For more details information, please visit our UAS site.


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