i-Sprint provides a suite of integrated solutions to enable organizations to implement strong authentication, single sign-on, access control and identity management solutions. i-Sprint’s own unique brand of security products, intellectual properties and patents are designed to exceed to meet the security requirements for global financial services regulatory requirements.

With our unique Security Consolidation process, we help organizations of all sizes to address their administration, access control and SSO requirements using an incremental, evolutionary and strategic approach based on a common security infrastructure.

Our proven “Security Consolidation” methodology allows organizations to quickly maximize their ROI in the short term while enabling a step-by-step approach to reinforcing policies based on a common framework to provide interoperability that caters for future business and integration requirements.

Our solutions provide a common security infrastructure and can be easily extended to integrate with our clients’ existing identity management platforms. We are not only focus on reducing the operational costs, but help organizations in meeting the regulatory compliance by streamlining the IT security administration and operations processes.

Our incremental approach can provide point solutions to deliver immediate benefits to address the specific identity management challenges facing by the organizations. Our proven solutions can also be seamlessly integrated together to deliver a complete identity and access management infrastructure to bring significant productivity impact and security enhancements to our clients.

By integrating products from our technology partners, we provide a comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution.