AccessMatrix™ Universal Authentication Server (UAS) enables organizations to deploy a wide variety of strong authentication methods to address the requirements for strong authentication and evolving authentication mechanisms through a single, unified framework.

AccessMatrix™ UAS is a hardware independent solution which supports a wide range of digital tokens from various vendors and is able to leverage on all the security functions provided by these tokens. The pre-integrated and tested 2FA solution reduces integration complexity and shortens the time to deployment for 2FA for security-sensitive e-Banking applications via a unified authentication infrastructure. Some of the key features include:

Full Life Cycle Token Management & Administration

  • Integrated solution for administering the entire life cycle of token management functions: Issuance (Factory Initialized or Self Initialized), Delivery, Enablement, Lost Tokens, Out of Sync, and Replacement over time
  • A customizable user interface to facilitate Help Desk staff to support token management functions
  • Detail Audit Trail information and flexible reporting
  • Customizable self-service interface for the user to perform some token management functions
  • Pin Mailer functionality to cater for pin-pad tokens
  • Granular Token Management by Groups/Batches and locations.
Multiple Authentication and Transaction Authorization Options
  • Synchronous option with One Time Password Challenge
  • Asynchronous option with Challenge and Response Codes
  • The re-Authentication challenge for critical transactions

Flexible Integration Options

  • Multiple integration approaches using JAVA and .NET APIs and standard industry protocols
  • Support for Hardware Security Modules from leading HSM Vendors like Thales and Utimaco.

For more details information, please visit our UAS site.


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