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The Ultimate Platform For All Your Authentication Needs

Provide Flexibility and Ease of Use Without Vendor Lock-in

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The Most Challenging Android Vulnerability

Protect Your Mobile Apps
and Users against various
risks and attacks.

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App icon of a legitimate
app is clicked by a user.

A malicious log-in page is displayed on
the user’s screen instead of the legitimate app.

Sensitive details are immediately sent
to the attacker and the user is then
directed to the legitimate app.

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Protect Your Authentication Application

with i-Sprint Mobile Token for SWIFT

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i-Sprint featured in Top 500

Hottest and Most Innovative Cybersecurity
Companies to Watch by Cybersecurity Ventures

Bank-grade Cybersecurity IAM Solutions and IDoT for Brand Protection Solutions

Clone-Proof AccessReal Code (AR Code)

Unique digital watermark and the respective product identification DNA are added to a normal QR code with serialization and encryption protection to create the AR code. The secured AR code provides the copy proof feature to eliminate replication

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