The advancement of technology has proven efficiency and convenience in our daily lives. The number of devices we are using, be it by corporate or individual, has increased tremendously. As we demand more sophisticated electronic devices, manufacturers are launching newer products faster than before.

With more people buying new devices and discarding old ones, electronic waste or e-waste has piled up over time. In 2019, the volume of e-waste generated worldwide was around 54 million metric tons, and this number is expected to increase by approximately 30% by 2030. (Source: Statista, 2021)

E-waste reduction abstract concept vector illustration.

E-waste does not only refer to the discard of electrical or electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, television, home appliances and more, it also includes items like batteries, power sockets, cables.

E-waste is not biodegradable. When not disposed of correctly, such as burning it and acid baths, it will release toxic chemicals harmful to the air, soil, water, and living things.

i-Sprint Innovations is proud to be among 60 organizations in Singapore that have made a corporate pledge to minimize e-waste as part of SGTech’s eRevival Square. i-Sprint is committed to take the following actions to do our part for the environment:

  • Adopt repair as the first option to lengthen the lifespan of existing equipment.
  • Actively engage and participate in the sharing economy by making careful decisions between purchasing and renting equipment.

We also like to encourage individuals to do their part for our environment. You can help to minimize e-waste impact by

  • Repair your existing electronic device to extend its life span.
  • Consider giving your old electronic devices (still function) to others who may need it.
  • Dispose of your e-waste properly.
recycle bin

Many countries are encouraging proper disposal of e-Waste. We can easily find e-waste collections points located throughout the nations. You can check out more information on recycling and collection points via the following link:

i-Sprint believe that the tech sector must take collective action and be part of the solution to Singapore’s and global sustainability.

For corporation, we like to invite you to join the eRevival Square e-waste corporate pledge at

eRevival Square is organized by SGTech in partnership with SGTech members Meta Singapore and Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) and supported by National Environment Agency (NEA). This initiative aims to raise and expand awareness about the sustainable management of e-waste and the broader issue of living sustainably. Learn more: