Understanding Snowblind: The Emerging Seccomp-based Attack

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What is Snowblind?

Snowblind is a sophisticated security threat that leverages the Linux kernel feature, seccomp, to compromise mobile applications. Originally designed as a sandboxing mechanism to limit system calls and enhance security, seccomp has been repurposed by Snowblind to execute attacks that are difficult to detect and mitigate.

How Does Snowblind Impact You?

The impact of Snowblind is far-reaching, affecting both developers and end-users. For developers, it presents a challenge to maintain the integrity and security of their applications. For end-users, it poses a risk to their data privacy and the overall functionality of their devices. Snowblind’s ability to bypass traditional anti-tampering mechanisms makes it a potent threat that can lead to unauthorized access, data breaches, and even complete system compromise.

Are You Protected Against Snowblind?

i-Sprint, a leading provider of IAM, mobile security, and document security solutions, has collaborated with Promon to actively analyse and mitigate the Snowblind threat. Users utilizing AppProtect+ from version 6.5.2 or higher are safeguarded against Snowblind.

See Snowblind in action

Upgrading to AppProtect+ (version 6.6.0) for Enhanced Protection

Given the sophistication of Snowblind and the evolving nature of cyber threats, it is crucial to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities. i-Sprint encourages all customers to upgrade to the latest version of AppProtect+ (version 6.6.0) for an even more robust defence against a broader range of seccomp-based attacks. This upgrade not only bolsters the existing security measures but also introduces new layers of protection tailored to counter the unique challenges posed by Snowblind.

Key Features of AppProtect+ 6.6.0:

  • Advanced App Protection: AppProtect+ 6.6.0 offers enhanced app shielding for mobile applications providing a comprehensive security blanket against a wider range of threats.
  • Actionable Analytics: With improved analytics, developers can gain deeper insights into app performance and user behaviour, facilitating quicker responses to potential security incidents.
  • Compliance and Safety: AppProtect+ 6.6.0 ensures that your applications meet industry compliance standards while maintaining a high level of user safety.
  • Protection Against Accessibility Service Attacks: AppProtect+ 6.6.0 includes mechanisms to protect against repackaging attacks and malicious accessibility services, common vectors for application compromise.


Snowblind represents a significant evolution in Android malware, leveraging the Linux kernel’s seccomp feature to bypass robust security measures. As businesses increasingly rely on mobile applications, ensuring their resilience against such threats is paramount. If you’re concerned about the security of your company’s app in the face of emerging threats like Snowblind, it’s time to take action.

Find Out If Your Company App Holds Up Against Snowblind

Our team of security experts is ready to assist you in evaluating your app’s defences and implementing the necessary protections to safeguard your digital assets and user data.



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