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i-Sprint encourages our partners to register the deal(s) you are working on with us. By registering your deals with i-Sprint, we can work closely with you to provide holistic offers and competitive pricing for potential customers. During the registered deal valid period (3 months), i-Sprint assures that the channel partner will be the only authorized party to sell the mentioned i-Sprint services/products to the registered prospect.

Please submit your deal via the online deal registration form.

Partner Information
Prospect Information
Deal Information
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  1. *are mandatory fields to fill in.
  2. Please fill in the information in English language.
  3. Submission of deal registration form is required before the start of POC session.
  4. Once received the filled deal registration form, i-Sprint will review and email our approval or rejection to you within 2 working days.
  5. Each submitted deal registration is valid for 3 months from the date of submission.
  6. Partner is required to update your i-Sprint sales representative on the progress of each approved registered deal every 30 days.
  7. During the registered deal valid period, i-Sprint assure that the channel partner will be the only authorized party to sell the above-filled i-Sprint services/products to this registered prospect.
  8. When the registered deal valid period is expired and the partner is unable to complete the sales, this prospect will be released back to the channel pool.
  9. To extend the valid period for another 3 months, partner need to email their request to their respective i-Sprint sales representative. The request can only be made once per registered deal.
  10. For those sales deals without registration, i-Sprint will reserve the rights to sell the products at the listed price.
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