“Appreciate your company for providing Beijing China Wine Culture Research Association (Referred as Moufans Commune) with AccessReal  – Anti-counterfeit track and trace system, that provide an effective guarantee of authenticity of products sold by Moufans Commune. This has effectively improved sales performance. ”


“… through Universal Sign-On (USO), it achieved centralized management of user login; through Universal Access Management (UAM), it provides a comprehensive and centralized audit of application access. This has greatly improved the level of information security. The successful deployment of this project has significantly improved the Bank’s management and production efficiency, this standardizes the whole user management process and further strengthen information security … ”


“….. a very flexible and scalable component to meet the application security needs of over 20 applications that enabled e-services for an end-user population of 2 million users.”


“The deployment of the mobile token has improved the bank’s security with true 2FA solution equivalent to hardware token.”


“Using the versatile authentication server approach, we can be more flexible in introducing new authentication mechanisms across future electronic channels.”


“As a pioneer, we had to make more effort which was worth every while. We are glad to have made this milestone and thanks to Automated and i-Sprint, this is a huge step for Taiwan’s banking industry.”


“… the unified access project, extended from the internal staff universal authentication system and authorization management to external users, has positively impacted on our bank’s security management and business development. We look forward to having more in-depth cooperation with your company to achieve the win-win goal. ”


“… to achieve unified identity management and authorization automation from top to bottom, internal and external audit to meet business requirements, to improve staff IT application efficiency, to strengthen supervision rights management and compliance, fundamentally eliminate the zombie accounts and privileged accounts. This has realized business, regulatory and IT system maintenance departments initial concept of the system’s outcome.”


“… through ‘USO single sign-on system’, without the need to modify any of the existing systems, based on the realization of quick access application systems – single sign-on solution solved the need of each employee to remember numerous business systems account problems, greatly improves the working efficiency, and facilitate the application system account maintenance. “


“With the proven track records of the seamlessly integrated 2FA solution from i-Sprint, we are able to consistently provide our customers with highly secure internet banking services.”

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