The 5th CIO Executive Summit Hong Kong 2012 Keynote

Opening Keynote: Creating a Modern Legacy – The Evolving Influence of the CIO
Keynote One: The Cloud Computing Paradigm – Transforming Business, Technology & Industry
Keynote Two: Operating the Cloud to Deliver Business Value
Keynote Three: The Big Data Challenge
Keynote Four: Achieving a Trusted Cloud
Keynote Five: The Cloud-Enabled Business
Keynote Six: Disruptive Analytics: From Business Intelligence to Insightful Business
Keynote Seven: Enterprise Security Strategy: Balancing What’s Best
Keynote Eight: Consumerization of IT: Leveraging Devices & Applications for a New Business Future
Keynote Nine: T.B.C

CIO Insights Panel 1: Delivering Strategic Business Goals with Cloud Computing
CIO Insights Panel 2: The Strategic Implementation of Mobile Technologies: Enterprise Mobility
CIO Insights Panel 3: Proactive Risk Management Against Advanced Threats in the World of
Cloud and Mobile Computing