AccessMatrix™ UAS End-to-End Encryption

Static Login ID/PIN is one of the common authentication mechanisms to confirm users’ online identity. Protecting customers’ PIN information has become one of the top initiatives for Service Providers such as Banks, SaaS Application Providers and Cloud Providers. As organizations look to conduct more and more business online, the need for security solution increases. The Internet in particular, offers major opportunities for organizations to reach new markets with expanded range of products and services. Online Service Providers must ensure that the delivery channels for conducting the transactions are safe and secure while ensuring audit trail, data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Internet based applications today employ simple security measures like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect customer’s PIN and other sensitive data transmissions between the web browser and the web server. As the data arrives at the Web Server and Application Server, it is converted back to its clear text form, hence rendering it open to malicious attack.

E2EE creates a secured channel between the client’s access device and Hardware Security Module (HSM). Within this channel, the Password is encrypted at the client’s access device and can only be decrypted for verification by the HSM located in a physically secure location within the organization. In doing so, the Password and other sensitive data can never be exposed, not even to the organization’s applications and servers. The AccessMatrix™ Security Server and HSM work as an integrated solution to provide certified tamper-resistant vault, specifically designed for this sole purpose.