Thailand-based Bank Implements Appprotect+’s app Shielding Technology

Scammers are increasingly more sophisticated in the way they get access to their victims’ personal information. Most companies, including banks that are operating in a hybrid working environment, allow their employees to log into their computers from remote locations. While remote access is convenient, it also poses a threat to government agencies and financial institutions. This is because hackers can disguise themselves as IT professionals from trusted sources like banks or telecom support teams to connect, install and take control of their victims’ mobile devices via Remote Control applications such as TeamViewer. In most cases, this causes personal details to be compromised.

It is due to the rise of these online threats has made one of Thailand’s top 10 banks look at ways to protect its mobile app from such threats and attacks. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that their customers are protected from scammers and cyber threats, such as those mentioned above. On top of that, there was also a directive from the Central Bank of Thailand to all financial institutions to ensure that all banks’ mobile apps and financial systems are secure.