2015 Annual Public Sector Information Security Survey Report

Over the past decade, advances in cloud, data and mobile technology have completely changed the way we communicate and work. Businesses and organizations have embraced the digital age, developing their operations around high speed connectivity and core networks. While this has brought major benefits in terms of productivity and convenience, it has also given rise to a whole new range of security problems.

With today’s anywhere-anytime culture of connectivity, users expect increasingly convenient access to huge repositories of data and applications across multiple platforms. This, in turn, introduces new security risks as cybercriminals and hackers develop new sophisticated methods of exploiting vulnerabilities. Weak authentication security is the leading cause of data breaches, accounting for 76% of compromised records. With many more ways of remotely accessing data, whether through the web, cloud or core network, safeguarding the security of sensitive assets and systems has never been more crucial.

Strong and secure user authentication is a vital cornerstone of an IT security framework. Allowing the right data to be available to employees, partners and customers from any device at any time, while ensuring that sensitive data and critical systems are secured, identity management and access control has become one of the greatest challenges facing IT today.