i-Sprint Innovations creates a full range of security experiences and integrate it in everyday life

With the increase in spending power of consumers and emerging businesses, demand for various goods and services has also increased. Various business traps and counterfeit products have also emerged in the market to fight for the pie.

The World Consumer Rights Day (known as 315), which happens annually on 15 of March focus on problematic companies, especially those in industries that produce daily necessity products, such as clothing, food, and pharmaceutical. According to the AI Finance & Economics report, 61 incidents exposed by 315 in the recent 7 years, of which, the top five exposures were in the personal information, food safety, consumer goods, healthcare products, and automotive fields. Since 2012, there were 11 reports of the exposed cases in personal information, while 10 cases of exposure were reported respectively in food safety, consumer goods, and healthcare products.

From individual consumers to corporations, continuously strengthening of identity protection is needed. Identity protection not only relates to preventing the leakage of personal information and corporate data, but it also minimizes counterfeit opportunities to protect individual rights.

i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint) is a company that integrates the 315’s mission into the company’s business strategy. i-Sprint is a world class solution provider in identity, credential, and access management solution that enables individuals, organizations, and societies to build trust and identity assurance for powering huge productivity gain through digital identity and identity of things – “The Force of IdentityPlus”.

Unified identity authentication and management solution ensuring user’s identity is protected and an enhanced user experience

i-Sprint established a comprehensive range of access management solutions, including corporate user authentication, access management, user behavior monitoring, audit, and more. For example, AccessMatrix Universal Sign-On (USO) allows employees to access various systems that enable USO through a single sign-on. This reduces the need to memorize multiple user accounts and passwords, indirectly reducing the chances of information leakage. AccessMatrix Universal Credential Manager (UCM) provides a virtual password safe deposit box, using Hardware Security Module (HSM) devices for strong encryption purpose to store privileged account credentials.

Currently, i-Sprint has over 200 customers in the banking, securities, insurance, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, retail, and other industries.

Product Identity – ease of authentication for consumers

As modern society develops rapidly and technology is constantly changing, more counterfeit products ranging from daily food products (such as rice and oil) to luxury bags and alcohol are emerging. Introducing product identity aids in eliminating such a growing counterfeit market is needed.

i-Sprint’s AccessReal is a new generation anti-counterfeit, track and trace, and consumer marketing solution that aims to protect product identity. It is designed using a bank-grade security framework to ensure security in storage and transmission. Each product is labeled with a unique identification tag such as barcode, clone-proof AccessReal (AR) code, QR code, NFC and RFID, to achieve track and trace, product authentication, and direct marketing to consumers. Consumers can use their smartphones to scan and verify the authenticity of the product through the unique identification tag on the product. AccessReal solution is widely applicable across various industries such as the food industry, healthcare products, and the manufacturing industry.

Kwong Cheong Thye

As a leading soy sauce manufacturer of Singapore, Kwong Cheong Thye’s products are well received by consumers and chefs.  The popularity of its products also invited many counterfeits in the markets, especially in China hitting up to 90% of the overall market size which caused fear in consumers to purchase its products in the market. AccessReal assisted Kwong Cheong Thye by securing its products with a unique dual-layer QR code. By empowering its customers to have the ability to check the authenticity of the product, Kwong Cheong Thye is able to gain back consumers’ confidence in the product.

Moufans Commune

Branded as China’s national wine, the Moutai has been labeled as a cultural heritage for the country. However, due to such recognition, Moutai faces countless counterfeit issues. Beijing China Wine Culture Research Association (Referred to as Moufans Commune) used AccessReal to protect the range of Moutai wine certified by them as real. A two-layer QR code was introduced to the wine packaging with the first layer scan providing product information while the second layer for authentication purposes. Their members can now verify the authenticity of the Moutai purchased easily and can even transfer it as a gift to their friends.

The annual 315 Consumer Rights Day acts as a reminder for i-Sprint to continuously innovate in our solution to protect both consumers and corporations. Through the incorporation of 315 practices into our daily life, we can look forward to a higher and better quality of goods and services to be made available in the market.

If you are interested to know more about i-Sprint’s solution and our customers’ stories, please email us at enquiry@i-sprint.com.