The Ultimate Platform For All Your Authentication Needs

Provide Flexibility and Ease of Use Without Vendor Lock-in

UAS diagram

AccessMatrix™ Universal Authentication Server (UAS), is a comprehensive and versatile authentication server that enable organizations to centralize all its authentication schemes in a single unified platform. It is a future-proof authentication infrastructure that supports multiple authentication mechanisms (such as passwords, OTP, biometrics) for strong authentication and authorization requirements.

UAS diagram

UAS offers the freedom for organizations to deploy various authentication methods from different vendors under one platform, and manage it as a holistic security approach. This means organizations will not be restricted or locked to a specific hardware or software authentication solution. The use of Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) approach also allows organizations to have ease of adding new methods when available on top of their existing scheme.

Based on the proven AccessMatrix™ Integrated Security Architecture, UAS provides security Administration, Authentication, Authorization, and Audit services (4As) for business applications. In addition to authentication, it provides:

  • End-to-End Life Cycle Management for OTP Tokens
  • Security services APIs for application integration and shield the complexity of token integration
  • Radius ready server to integrate with network devices
  • Administration module for administration delegation and user management
  • Audit and reporting module
  • HSM interface to leading brands of HSM devices
  • PIN mailer interface for mail merge and secure printing
  • Enforcing password policy – password history, password aging, password quality check, etc

Ready To Deploy Solutions

Some of the AccessMatrix UAS Modules include:

  • Token Authentication and Management Module for Hardware and Software tokens from various vendors (GEMALTO, OneSpan (VASCO), V-Key, OATH compliant vendors)
  • E2E Encryption Authentication for PIN and Protection of Data in transit
  • Short Message Service (SMS) One Time Password

UAS Out-of-Band One Time Password

AccessMatrix™ Out-of-Band (OOB) One Time Password (OTP) Module provides a secure authentication solution by using two separate channels to authenticate a user. This solution delivers an OTP to users via GSM Short Message Service (SMS), email, IVR or any message delivery mechanism which is different from the channel that the users interact with the applications.


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