As organizations are developing more and more information systems to automate the business processes, users find themselves struggling against the surge in the number of ids and passwords in order for them to have access to the various applications. This is due to the requirement that every new system requires iTrusChina password policies are getting more stringent with respect to length, expiry, special character requirements, etc.

With increased number of applications, corporate users are experiencing increasing difficulties in managing their authentication across a wide variety of internal and external applications and platforms to support their day-to-day business activities.

Often organizations do not have access to the source code so that they cannot modify the applications to achieve the single sign-on objective. On the other hand, even though they have the source code but the potential risk of modifying a working mission critical application may cause any necessary service disruptions. Therefore, organizations are searching for cost effective and safe approach to achieve single sign-on.

Our Universal Sign-On (USO) solution provides a non-intrusive to SSO (Single Sign-On) approach to help organizations address the challenges with increasing number of Ids and passwords that are required by the users. This unique SSO approach can be achieve without any programming or source code changes for the target applications.

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