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Best Practices for Strengthening Mobile App Security

Recognizing that developers might neglect security in favor of other priorities, malicious threat actors regularly target security weaknesses in an attempt to exfiltrate data, take over mobile devices, or even infiltrate networks through backend servers. Mobile app security needs to become a central priority in the modern cyber threat landscape.

Best Practices for Strengthening Mobile App Security2022-08-03T15:55:36+08:00

Why Should Mobile App Security be a Top Priority for Developers?

Mobile apps carry their own set of vulnerabilities. As developers, you hold the responsibility to step up and think ahead of unintended consequences when it comes to app security, and this includes identifying the common mobile app security threats and how to counter them.

Why Should Mobile App Security be a Top Priority for Developers?2022-07-06T10:41:12+08:00

How Does Single Sign-On Work?

Businesses today face a constant struggle to balance robust information security while facilitating user productivity in hybrid IT infrastructures. Single sign-on provides a compelling way to overcome this struggle when it comes to securely authenticating users logging in to multiple business applications and services across on-premise, mobile, and cloud.

How Does Single Sign-On Work?2022-08-03T15:56:41+08:00
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