Asia’s largest food and beverage innovation exhibition, SIAL China, is strategically located in Shanghai, a gateway to Asia, and a global center of finance and innovation. i-Sprint (安讯奔) is pleased to have the opportunity to present at the conference.

Our Product Identity specialist would be sharing the following at the conference that will be held on 28 September 2020.

How product identity can help protect and market your brand

Consumers are getting savvier and demand to know more about the products they are purchasing. There are various solutions available in the markets which can help a company transform its product to a smart product to tell its own story and to collect interesting information to aid business planning. However, do you understand what do you really need and how to go about making it happen? In this talk, we will share with you on why the need to start your digitalization with product identity, what is the consideration you need to look at in your business processes to support the change, an overview of what is available in the markets and how to select.

消费者越来越精明,要求更多地了解他们所购买的产品。 市场上有各种解决方案,可以帮助公司将其产品转换为智能产品,以讲述自己的故事并收集有趣的信息以帮助进行业务规划。 但是,您了解您真正需要什么以及如何实现它吗? 在本次演讲中,我们将与您分享为何需要使用产品标识启动数字化的原因,在业务流程中需要考虑哪些因素以支持这种变化,概述市场上现有的内容以及如何 选择。