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Summit Computer Co.,Ltd. is one of the oldest and most established computer companies in Thailand, having been operating successfully for over 35 years. The company currently employs a highly capable staff of 150 people focusing primarily in developing and implementing integrated computer systems and services including web-based applications based on n-tier architecture. In addition, the company not only builds systems, but undertakes outsourcing contracts to do data entry and operate data centers for customers under a guaranteed quality of service (QoS).

Our strengths line with our ability and capability to manage and develop complex solutions that meet our clients’objectives using advance technologies e.g. J2EE, biometrics, single sign-on, workflow and intelligent document management. We have delivered IT applications and infrastructure to our major clients to improve their communication and collaboration, secure the integrity of their information (text and images), enhance their data collection and analysis abilities, and increase their operation efficiency and effectiveness.