Position: Software Engineer (Fresh)

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Job Description

  • Be part of a R&D team developing security product for international market.
  • Provide third level support for our customers.

Job Requirements

  • Newly graduate (less than a year) with degree from local university, majoring in informatics or computing.
  • Programming enthusiast.
  • Fast learner and have strong will to study.
  • Good attitude, team player and can work independently.
  • Applicants must submit abstract of their final project in the application, maximum two pages.
  • Applicants that are active in coding competition / activity like Google Code Jam, TopCoder, HackerRank, Project Euler, etc, are highly preferable. Please state his/her account in the application.
  • Selection process will comprise of:
    – Coding test by using Java.
    – Presenting their final project.

Work Location:

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