AccessMatrix ePin Mailer (UAS) Video

A versatile authentication server enables organizations to deliver sensitive documents to end-users, simplifying integration complexities.

The entire document generation and delivery process is held within a Tamper Resistant Server, and the process includes:
• Data Merging and Document Generation
• PIN and Password Generation
• PIN and Document Encryption

End to End Encryption for Sensitive Confidential Documents PIN mailer Diagram

Key Features :

  • Provide fine grain and configurable authentication policy
    – Login Policy, Password Expiry Policy and Password Quality Policy
  • HSM Integration to provide strong key management, secure generation and encryption of user credentials

Key Benefits :

  • Quick Turnaround Time
    – Encrypted PDF-based ePin Mailer allows user to receive their initial/ generated password within minutes, unlike physical, hard-copy mail
  • Cost-saving
    – Eliminates the need for hard copy ePin Mailer: paper, printing and postage cost
  • Dual-Channel Delivery
    – Encrypted PDF and password are sent via separate channels reducing the possibility of potential tampering during transit