Case Study: Inland Revenue Interactive Network (IRIN) Program

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IRAS’ vision is “to be the leading tax administration in the world, delivering excellent service with well-trained and  dedicated staff”. To achieve this vision, IRAS must constantly review its capabilities and business environment so as to identify opportunities that will ensure IRAS achieving its vision.

IRAS has recognised that information technology trends in the past few years have significantly impacted the way the world works and lives. The Internet has fundamentally changed the way individuals, businesses and
governments communicate, interact and transact with each other. Changes in our education system together with easy access to technology and information have impacted the knowledge and skills profile of our younger generation and future workforce. IRAS knows that it must understand and keep pace with these changes if it is to achieve its objectives and remain relevant to its stakeholders.

IRIN is IRAS’ vehicle for staying current and ahead of this change curve. Its goal is to deliver capabilities that
enable IRAS to:
1. Protect Revenue
2. Enhance Customer Service, Reduce Compliance Costs
3. Enhance Compliance
4. Enhance Long Term Cost Effectiveness
5. Enhance Staff Competence & Satisfaction
6. Ensure that all access and transactions, service-wide, is secured and auditable

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