AccessReal Introduction

Authenticating a product has never been this easy! Backed by i-Sprint’s world-class, bank-grade data protection solution, AccessReal is the most reliable tool for protecting customers against counterfeits and securing every product’s digital identity. From general product information, to authenticate a product’s unique ID and finding great deals related to your interested goods, all can be reached at fingertips!

Anti-Counterfeit Solution video

AccessReal Functions

  1. Product information is entered into the AccessReal system by the manufacturer. Information can be used for goods tracking purpose and for consumers’ reference.ar_function1
  2. Consumers can use their mobile device with AccessReal App to scan the goods label and retrieve the related information (production & expiry dates, ingredients, etc) online anytime, anywhere. These could be useful information helping customers to make purchase decision.ar_function1

AccessReal Process

  1. Manufacturer’s AccessReal account is set up.
  2. Manufacturer enters or imports the goods information the AccessReal system, and then print & paste the label (data-matrix code or NFC) to the goods.
  3. Distributor scans the bulk (carton) labels of the received goods. Goods tracking & analysis is performed on the cloud platform.
  4. Consumers download and install the AccessReal App on their mobile devices. They may then use it to scan a label to perform product authentication or query.

AccessReal Features

  1. Ensure data security products
    A. Encrypted Data-Matrix Code & Unpredictable coding scheme.
    B. Encrypted, secured data transmission and storage.
    C. Dual Layer Identification.
    D. Supply Chain Surveillance.
  2. Consumers can obtain product information anytime, anywhere

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